I'm Hannah - a sun-loving, active Santa Cruz local, with a passion for design + photography.


My goal as a designer, friend, and colleague is to live life to the fullest and be the best possible version of myself, while inspiring others to do the same. Whether it be collaborating on a menu design for a local restaurant, ideating concepts for social media graphics, taking my friends on a hike to the top of a large mountain, or enjoying a smorgasbord of pastries from my favorite bakery (shoutout Companion Bakery), I am always seeking opportunities to experiment, learn, and grow. 

By day, I am a graphic designer who enjoys bold type, bright colors, and fun package
& website designs.
By night, I am a home chef/foodie, cookbook author, runner,

hiker, swimmer, and outdoor enthusiast.

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my forté


A brand identity consists of all the visual elements that represent your business, from your logo to the fonts on your website. I believe that a brand is much more than a logo. My goal is to develop a thoughtfully crafted visual identity that will serve you and your business long into the future!


A picture is worth a thousand words (and sometimes more). Have an upcoming event? Need a new Christmas card photo? Have a product that needs a little elevation or presentation pizazz? I'm your gal behind the lens!

Web Design

Web design isn’t just about the look + feel of the site; it's also about also the overall experience, usability and accessibility. A website is crucial to building your brand’s online presence. It’s important that it is designed right, and I can help you get there.

Book Design

Nothing's better than holding a book and turning the pages with cookie dough covered fingers in the kitchen (well maybe some things are better...). Let's make that cookie dough covered book a masterpiece! As a cookbook author and designer, I can help you achieve your book design dreams. 


If you’re a business owner who wants collateral that fits their brand and amplifies their message, print is the medium for you. Whether you’re looking to design wedding invitations or a new label for your family's hot sauce bottle, I've got you covered.

Anything else...?

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